Football the Iceland Way

Football the Iceland Way

For Fylkir footbal club in Iceland it was a tough end to a season as they fell 4-0 to KR on a cold and windy evening in Rejkhavik. I was there live and in person and met the Mayor of Reykjavik and saw former Charlton defender Hermann Heriedirsson.

The pitch was immaculate, the half-time chocolate cake delicious and the fans all super-friendly. Have I told you how much I love Iceland yet? Despite…

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Late Nights in Iceland

Late Nights in Iceland

Leave Phoenix at 11 pm Friday night on the red-eye to JFK – get barely any sleep…flight sucked. “Enjoy” a five hour lay over at JFK eating junk while waiting to fly to Iceland. Leave for Iceland mid-afternoon. Actually get some sleep on flight to Rejkhavik. Arrive in Rejkhavik at midnight take 30 minute bus ride into town. Get hotel…then -

Get hot dogs at the famous hot dog stand (I have no idea…

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Good-Bye My love: A Fanboy’s Poem

Landon’s almost gone

And now your world is all wrong

You loved him for so long

He pranced and danced

And you smiled and dreamed

He was all that he seamed

Quick and fast

Burning all that gas

Going to Europe and coming back

Time and time again

Highly competitive soccer is not his friend

You promised to be with him until the end

So it’s now here

And where do you go?

Off to follow some Chivas USA…

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I was way ahead of the “selfie” curve. It was way before Ellen and Obama made them popular, but everytime I post I just catch flack from my peers.


I was way ahead of the “selfie” curve. It was way before Ellen and Obama made them popular, but everytime I post I just catch flack from my peers.

Man Utd’s Smalling Has to Go!

Man Utd’s Smalling Has to Go!


What ever made anyone at Man Utd think that Smalling could man the center of their back line? Sunday against Sunderland, he looked absolutely misplaced, uncomfortable and incompitent there. I’ve never been sold on him, but Man Utd keeps holding onto him. He’s no good as an outside back and even worse as a center back.

He belongs on a relegation fighting club or in the Chammpionship. Not on a…

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Word Association - FREE

Word Association – FREE









Chillin’ with your buddies

On a mild winter afternoon

Trying to avoid a unseasonal monsoon

Hitting a golfball so far you lose its sight

Trying not to freak out

Using all your might

Playing brain games with an inferior opponent

Somebody recognizing you when you don’t want it

Being owed money from a cheapskate

Forgetting where you just…

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Saturday Sunshine

Elegance in parvelavence

Skateboarding in your chonies

A free buffet that costs you a stent

Allegiance to a pretend cartoon character

Travelling the world in your mind only

Subway token spilling out of your ears

A coniving turtle who owes you money

Barking at the moon in the middle of the day

A jobless man who works 24/7

Paperless companies that accomplish nothing

A video game that can’t be reset

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