Man Utd’s Smalling Has to Go!

Man Utd’s Smalling Has to Go!


What ever made anyone at Man Utd think that Smalling could man the center of their back line? Sunday against Sunderland, he looked absolutely misplaced, uncomfortable and incompitent there. I’ve never been sold on him, but Man Utd keeps holding onto him. He’s no good as an outside back and even worse as a center back.

He belongs on a relegation fighting club or in the Chammpionship. Not on a…

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Word Association - FREE

Word Association – FREE









Chillin’ with your buddies

On a mild winter afternoon

Trying to avoid a unseasonal monsoon

Hitting a golfball so far you lose its sight

Trying not to freak out

Using all your might

Playing brain games with an inferior opponent

Somebody recognizing you when you don’t want it

Being owed money from a cheapskate

Forgetting where you just…

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Saturday Sunshine

Elegance in parvelavence

Skateboarding in your chonies

A free buffet that costs you a stent

Allegiance to a pretend cartoon character

Travelling the world in your mind only

Subway token spilling out of your ears

A coniving turtle who owes you money

Barking at the moon in the middle of the day

A jobless man who works 24/7

Paperless companies that accomplish nothing

A video game that can’t be reset

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FIFA Makes a Mess of Messi

FIFA Makes a Mess of Messi

Most of us agree that Lionel Messi did not deserve the Golden Ball for the World Cup. So why did he win it anyway? Because FIFA decided it and FIFA can obviously do whatever it wants and nobody can stop them. You could see that Messi was gutted by losing the final and even he would probably admit that he didn’t deserve the award.

Germany’s Schweinstieger or even James of Colombia would largely be…

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Germany Will Triumph!

It’s not often that I wake up at 7 am on a Sunday…but today I am ready to go! Most people I speak to believe Germany will win today…and I agree with them. The only thing that can put Argentina on top is the magic of Messi, but you have to know that Germany will pay special defensive attention to the world’s best player.

Germany are too balanced, strong, physical, fast, technical and tactically…

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