Writing Tip - Building Character

Writing Tip – Building Character

A compelling character can and needs to carry your story. But how do you shape a character out of thin air? Start with thinking about the things about people you know that make them interesting. Do they have a nervous tick that is charming, but not distracting? Do they speak in a certain tone or use words in ways you never thought of using them? 

How do they walk? How do they great people? How do…

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I love learning about artists, their stories and their daily lives. To me, it adds texture to what…

I love learning about artists, their stories and their daily lives. To me, it adds texture to what they are all about. Check out this cool story. 



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New York Cosmos Aim for the Stars

New York Cosmos Aim for the Stars

I remember watching the New York Cosmos way back in the day when I was just a pre-teen. The team was loaded and won regularly in the NASL. It had stars like Pele, Beckenbaur, Messing, Jeff Durgan, Ricky Davis, Carlos Alberto…and of course Chignalia just to name a few. 

The club has had more stars play for it than any other professional club ever in the United States. That fact is undeniable. But…

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Quotable - from The Gift of Stoppage Time

Quotable – from The Gift of Stoppage Time

“Once his first touch let him down and the ball ran too far away from his foot,it was all over but the crying. I went flying in on him like I was shot out of a cannon; studs up and oblivious to the consequences. He recovered from his dreadful first touch and got to the ball before I did, which was his first mistake. Then he tried to cheekily flick the ball up and over my incoming tackle, which…

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FREE ebook - My Day with Chelsea

FREE ebook – My Day with Chelsea

FREE ebook – My Day with Chelsea

Free is good, no? With the BPL title race coming down to the wire and Jose Mourinho looking at possibly ANOTHER title at Chelsea (if he can get past Brendan Rogers’ Liverpool) why not enjoy some light reading about my visit to Stamford Bridge this past Boxing Day? 

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The Modern Female Soccer Player

The Modern Female Soccer Player

Sorry to all the girls I grew up playing soccer with back in the 80s and 90s…but there didn’t seem to be many like Sydney Leroux back then. On the field or off. Again, my apologies, because I certainly was the soccer-playing Brad Pitt back in the day either. 

Check out this link from Top Drawer soccer of Sydney before a Seattle Reign game. 


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